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Company Profile

    China NanXin chemical group is a sino-foreign joint venture, specialized in the shoe use adhesive, the development, production and sales of the modern high-tech enterprises.

    Group predecessor is China NanXin chemical Co., LTD., the group is committed to improve product quality, the huge annual production capacity of tens of thousands of tons of imported from abroad advanced production, testing equipment, a full range of precision and with the German German auspicious not, Japan nott, electrochemical yongcheng, east cao, Taiwan and the United States, Spain, and other overseas companies have close raw material and technical cooperation.The main products include glue, adhesives, surface treatment agents, hardener and new type of non-triphenyl series products, which are of great contribution to the new generation of water, environmental protection and energy saving.The product range covers a wide range of well-known brands, such as domestic and overseas, mainly footwear, including handbags, luggage, furniture, and construction engineering units.The company has always maintained the good quality and professional characteristics of the products, and has been well received by the customers, and the shoes with water-based glue have been praised as "China's first brand of water-based glue".

     The company was founded in 1998;Registered the two brands of "Nan Xin" and "Yi wei";In the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, we strive to expand the market and renew our ideas.We are committed to creating the first brand of water-based glue in Chinese shoes, so as to make the company become a competitive group.

     After nearly 20 years of development, from a few people to start a business, the development to the team, nearly hundred people today group focus on human resource team construction, and has high salary from Japan senior technical personnel, and business promotion personnel, and Taiwan-The mainland joining NanXin senior professional ceos.It has established a global sales network based on the pearl river delta, which radiates the whole country and sells to southeast Asia and other countries and regions.In 2012, the construction of the land purchase in jilin, jiangxi province;In 2015, south east Asian Vietnam was established.In 2016, we should set up a production base in north Vietnam with customer needs in north Vietnam, and a production base in Cambodia in 2017;In order to better serve the customers, we have laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the leading brand and adhesive industry.

Path of development in the future, the group responded to an appeal by the state, comply with the global trend, up and down form water-based environmental protection. Energy saving products, auxiliary solvent products new operation pattern, the enterprise into environmental protection, health of fine chemical industry group enterprise, strive to become your preferred partner for a long time, constantly meet new challenges and meet the high demand of the everchanging market customers, adhering to the earth and the service of human belief, with the new and old customers hand in hand advance together, altogether will create happy tomorrow.






No. 1,Tianjie Creative Park, No. 8 North Second Street,Daxin Road,HaDi, DongGuan, GuangDong, China