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The fifth baby culture club committee of China south hin travel - danxia mountain
From: DONG GUANG NAN XIN CHEMICIAL CO., LTD Post date: 2018-10-19

South hin baby culture was established since 2012, to 2018, five of the class committee election, construction of baby culture and class committee has into the baby's heart every south hin.

The fifth class committee study tour activities, and the beautiful magic danxia mountain natural landscape district.

Danxia scenery!

Danxia sleeping beauty!

Danxia mountain travel class committee members

Class committee members and south hin parents in nanhua temple

Development is the first priority, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first power

Wealthy not to learn, and is not long, not learn to be poor, poor endless, only learning, Fang Yongsheng!

China south hin know that talent is the first resource of the enterprise, can stop the degree, can't stop learning,In the travel and study in the class committee meeting, the thorough discussion and determine the direction of the learning target.

Learn what?How to learn?How to ensure the learning results and learning assessment.

Let every family to develop a good habit!

China south hin, annual fifth class committee danxia mountain, south temple travel activity ended!

Through this study, the members of the class committee also knew I shoulder the responsibility of, has set a clear goal, lead the south hin all baby, learn together, grow together, work together to forward on the road in the south hin, hand in hand, side by side.

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No. 1,Tianjie Creative Park, No. 8 North Second Street,Daxin Road,HaDi, DongGuan, GuangDong, China