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The group also maintains condolences to the nursing home, the Double Ninth Festival activities
From: DONG GUANG NAN XIN CHEMICIAL CO., LTD Post date: 2017-11-27

At the beginning of September nine Chung Yeung Festival, also known as the "Double Ninth Festival" or "festival for the elderly". The activities of the Chongyang Festival are very rich, including climbing, appreciating chrysanthemum, drinking chrysanthemum wine, flying kites, eating double ninth cakes, and putting Dogwood Fruit and so on. The Chongyang Festival, which originated in the Warring States period, was originally a happy day. The ancients regarded the universe as the two types of yin and Yang, Yin as the dark, and Yang as the light and vitality. Odd number is Yang, even number is yin. Nine is an odd number, so it belongs to Yang, at the beginning of September nine, and every nine, two positive phase, it is called "chongyang".

October 28th (the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar), China is the doubleninth Festival is the new Chinese 1989 festival for the elderly. "Respect for the elderly, and ZhuLao," is a traditional virtue. Chinese Nanxin group at home and abroad all personnel back to headquarters in Jiangxi Schindler factory, chairman of Mr. Zhou Wenwu led the group personnel to Jiangxi Bangkok visit homes for the elderly. This is also Mr. Zhou Wenwu's eighth years to visit the old people in the nursing home. In these 8 years, Mr. Zhou Wenwu insisted on visiting them every year, chatting with the old people, cleaning and doing what they could. Mr. Zhou Wenwu also said he has done these not great things, just remind yourself, the first to have a healthy body, develop good habits; second when the difficulties encountered in the work and life, to create better conditions for the family.

Nanxin group for elderly people to prepare food
With respect for the elderly, with caring for the elderly, with a love for the elderly, group staff came to Bangkok Nanxin nursing homes for the grandparents send holiday wishes, let the grandparents feel the warmth of the community and care homes for the elderly, let the grandparents have a warm and happy festival.

The oldest grandmother in the nursing home is 94 years old

Let's take a picture together
Xiao Bian calls on people from all walks of life to give their love and care to those who need love, so that they will not be lonely. If all of them join hands to be the light of their dark world, their world will not be dark. Finally, I wish grandpa and grandma health!






No. 72 XinNan Road, HaDi, Southern City District, DongGuan, GuangDong, China