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Guangdong footwear export pressure increases
From: DONG GUANG NAN XIN CHEMICIAL CO., LTD Post date: 2014-07-22

This year, Guangdong shoe exports fell from the peak, the annual export volume of 1100000000 pairs dropped to 700000000 pairs, while profit shrunk, the industry average profit is only held in 5%. Analysis of the industry, as one of the main production base of Guangdong footwear Dongguan also is not alone, and this year, in particular the international purchase orders to Vietnam, Kampuchea, India and other labor, land and other resources for cheaper Southeast Asian countries, Dongguan shoe enterprises also increasing pressure on.
Dongguan leather shoes Association Secretary General Wang Zhuoliang observed that, due to the external pressure is more and more big this year by the Dongguan shoe enterprises, there are some new trends, have to explore new mode of domestic sales, such as to participate in various exhibitions home, open shop, factory outlets, in cooperation with the travel agency development of industrial tourist routes.
The eleven period, Nancheng a company called "wish shoe" boss Run away collapse caused widespread concern in the industry, as the first batch of Taiwan invested shoe, "happy together" in Dongguan has a history of twenty or thirty years. The "happy together" collapse, compromise and have long-term cooperation of suppliers in Dongguan is not in the minority. A supplier that "happy together" is a difficult few years collapse has ended, these a few years in the "rising labor costs, rising raw material costs, RMB exchange rate against the dollar rose" three mountains under the pressure, it is hard for several years was eventually crushed.
In addition to the three big mountains, industry analysts believe that, with the transfer, manufacturing industry over the past few years now Vietnam, India, Kampuchea shoe has constituted the competitive pressure on the Dongguan shoe enterprises, especially this year international orders for the transfer to the local trend is more obvious in the US and Europe and other areas of the economy, and no real recovery, in order to cheaper the place is also the inevitable choice, therefore, Dongguan shoe enterprises pressure has intensified.
But in terms of international trade also did not improve the situation this year, enterprises have on the domestic side moving up the brain, action intensity is relatively large. For example, by participating in the domestic trade fairs, hold exhibition display, test the water factory store, for example, local well-known shoe enterprises Qisheng footwear, currently with travel agencies have a cooperation, both sides plan through an industrial tourism, industrial tourism route open in Dongguan. For consumers, they can visit the factory, to understand, and the price of only store 66% off. On tourism, the factory, the consumers, this is a win-win model. Wang Zhuoliang said: "I think, mode of industrial tourism is an effective way in the future Dongguan transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, the industry are generally optimistic about the foreground of this one mode."
While in Dongguan has been 19 years of history of Qiao Hong shoes in the past has for the European and American brands, domestic sales in the financial crisis Daobi transformation. According to the chairman assistant Wu Zhengxing introduced, the main channel to expand its domestic market is to participate in the exhibition. With the exhibition, Qiao Hong make ugg boots and sandals two own brand products expands quickly, enterprises in the last year through the e-commerce platform to enter the retail market, the domestic business has been substantial growth. At present, enterprises are taken offline mode, to seize more market share.
"To the domestic situation is compelled, but domestic go bad. A large number of domestic resources and control in the hands of large enterprises, such as Belle, Daphne etc., is also very difficult to supplier to develop new customers, small and medium enterprises demand is also very small, the supplier is not willing to do, and the more small and medium enterprises, no cash settlement, the greater the risk." Jinniu leather CEO Liu Zhijun think, and now the market situation, enterprises need to have time and energy relationship with customers, processing more for a supply of sth., material cost control etc.. In his words: "in the past, is living, is now grab a meal to eat." But "with manufacturing enterprises more and more pressure, out of the enterprise is also more and more, a few enterprises that can leave the future, life will be better".
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