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What is the water glue?
From: DONG GUANG NAN XIN CHEMICIAL CO., LTD Post date: 2014-07-18

Plastic non academic term, to a name different solidified colloid.
The colloidal understanding, understanding of academic classification and customs are very different. Customs that the physical state at room temperature is colloidal substance called colloid, and in the classification of chemical structure, material is defined as the dispersed phase structure in the range of 1-1000 nm.
Electrochemical characteristics is the colloidal particle size and surface active agent.
Colloid battery in the history of several heavy several floating, associated with colloid material development and technology maturity. Nearly three years, although have developed nano sol, on the electrochemical application of surface active agent and the production practice more, but for firms, it is difficult in the short term selection gel state colloid apply.
An intermediate product, water-based adhesive design is an acid battery to colloidal battery characteristics: cancel the physical gel skeleton, retention of functional polymer group characteristics and surface active agent, pure liquid, when used as a sulfuric acid additives, suitable for making all the lead accumulator.
Advantages: industrial problem does not produce colloidal battery common, manufacturing process and acid battery are exactly the same, after use, increase the capacity of 5-15%, to extend the battery life of 50-100%, anti plate sulfation ability, sulfuric acid modified on grid corrosion force is much smaller. Prices are also cheaper than conventional colloid.
The use of water-based adhesive additives, no need to add sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium sulfate.
Add criteria: the volume ratio of 8%.






No. 1,Tianjie Creative Park, No. 8 North Second Street,Daxin Road,HaDi, DongGuan, GuangDong, China