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Common problems of water PU glue
From: DONG GUANG NAN XIN CHEMICIAL CO., LTD Post date: 2013-10-26

Water PU glue is mainly used what shoe?
(1) with the appropriate surface treatment agent, water PU glue can be applied to most of the shoe.
(2) of the porous fabric, or susceptible to solvent corrosion material, water products have obvious advantages.
(3) materials containing heavy oils, tension particularly large, is not suitable for the use of water PU glue.
Water PU glue can add color?
According to the different color (mainly various dark) demand, water PU glue can add different colors, as long as the water and the proportion of less than 5 ‰, stirring evenly, add water right on PU glue the physical properties of the pigment had no effect.
Water PU glue can be used at the end of processing factory?
Can, but in order to avoid sticking good sole is not resistant to high temperature oven in the molding line, must be heat resistant test of manufactured goods.
Water PU glue can be used in hard material?
Can, such as surface structure of hard nylon TPU, hard hard material such as density or produce great tension, after appropriate processing conditions, can be used.
Water PU glue suitable for light color, white shoes?
Can, water PU glue for non yellowing products, can apply to light, white shoes.
Water PU glue is mainly used to what industry?
In addition to widely used in shoemaking industry, can also be applied to handbags luggage industry, the automotive industry, furniture industry and garment industry.
Analysis of common problems in the use of German PU glue process?
1, ask: why do white materials often encounter brush glue the local yellow?
Answer: first of all, this and the white material itself or the adherend pollution, our production of PU glue will not yellow, it is to stand the test of the market, we usually encounter white PU/PVC and rubber adhesive in the market, because the rubber for treating water containing highly oxidizing substance, covered in glue it was the oxidation, so there is yellow, this approach is in base rubber drops do not spillover, spillover should be cleaned in time.
2, ask: why in the fall and winter seasons viscous than summer time?
Answer: because these are not in accordance with our correct operation caused by. In addition, this issue is related to product maintain performance time, in the summer temperature is high, can be in the 3 'internal attaching no abnormal. While the autumn and winter, the temperature is relatively low, the cold air directly to the rubber surface, the glue maintain time shorten, at this time will not be able to operate in the summer, to 2 in the 'joint or according to the time and local conditions appropriate to change and correct use.
3, Q: the use of process occurs degumming how to solve?
Answer: (1) on the occurrence of degumming site observation analysis, whether due to surface treatment agent is not caused by poor material adhesive, if contact surface treatment agent caused by poor film off suggested changing the surface treatment agent.
(2) if the two sides have glue but drawing phenomenon, it is usually because the PU adhesive coating is too thick or drying caused by.
(3) technical problems more complexity should be technician timely advice glue supplier, request technical support.
4, ask: how small area degumming glue?
Answer: glue method and oily glue glue method is the same, because the water PU glue drying slow and easy product glue, generally do not recommend the use of water PU glue as adhesive glue, you can choose an ordinary oily glue plus sclerosing agent do glue, drying and pressing.
5, ask: how to clean the water PU glue coating is too high or the line?
Answer: (1) is too high to erase, very easy, more difficult to individual material cleaning with photoresist machine or film can be wiped clean.
(2) processing vamp cleaning by the same method, organic solvent cleaning glue line is not recommended, because extremely easy to cause the washing function.
6, ask: eye or other body parts is accidentally exposed to do water PU glue?
Answer: (1) eyes, please rinse with water splashing into the PU glue, as there are still unwell feeling please timely medical treatment, but did not produce great harm to the eyes.
(2) in contact with skin and will not produce mucosal injury
(3) the basic no inhalation hazard, not on human respiratory system and the central nervous system to produce harm.
(4) a single long-term contact does not have occupation disease harm case.
7, ask: water PU glue need to change equipment?
A: No, can the existing equipment.
8, ask: aqueous PU glue which needs to be done to adjust the production line?
Answer: (1) the appropriate velocity: slow speed of pipeline, usually guarantee the drying time of PU adhesive 4-5 minutes.
(2) temperature: appropriate high temperature, high 5 degrees than the original standard.
9, ask: press to do how to adjust?
Answer: the original compressor pressure to 40 kg, ensure that all points of uniform pressure. The pressure of time to 8-10 seconds, ensure adequate pressing time.
10, ask: pressure and pressing time why than oily glue?
Answer: because the initial crystallization slower water PU glue, the initial viscosity will be weaker than the oily glue, in order to improve the weakness position to avoid tension adhesion, so the need to increase the pressure longer pressing time.
11, ask: use water PU glue need to change the inspection standard?
Answer: do not need to change the original inspection standard, but need to pay attention to small differences between the PU test and inspection of oily glue glue.
Question 12: the use of water PU glue quality inspection should pay attention to what matters?
Answer: (1) rigid joint shoes suggest the fastest 30 minutes before checking quality, or a shoe body completely frozen down and inspection.
(2) it is easy to peel off the early large external surface, so we must control the inspection method, but does not reduce the inspection standard.






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